4 Free Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Get your name out there locally

As a small business owner you can increase name recognition by getting your business into local newspapers, and magazines. Customers trust what they know and the more they get to know you the more potential you have of getting customers or clients to your business.

Do your homework, research your local papers and trade magazines and find writers that write about your industry. Then create a short pitch that you can submit to them.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses can reach out to reporters by signing up for a free service called Help A Reporter Out. This service allows you to send info directly to writers and lets you see what they are writing about.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Set up social media pages for your business and add them to your website. Choose your social media wisely, think about your audience and the type of customers you want to reach.  Not all social media sites are for every business, some are more formal and others are on the informal side.

There are a lot of social media sites out there but go where your audience is. Keep your focus on the value of the social site not the amount social media you have.

Try posting a couple times a week to test the waters and see what your audience is interested in. Then create the type of content that matters to them most and that they find useful.

Get more leads with e-mail marketing

Believe it or not e-mail is still one of the top marketing methods. And with people carrying their mobile devices everywhere, e-mail can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

52% of mobile users in America use their phone to access their e-mail
according to Pew Research Center.

Create a newsletter for your business that provides customers with information about your business, special promotions or offers valuable information to help your customers.  Keep it up to date and fresh to keep up engagement.

You can set up your own newsletter for your small business with services like MailChimp.

Make Your Best Customers Your Cheerleaders

Chances are if provided a great product or service to someone they are going to want to tell someone else about it.  Word of mouth can be an incredibly effective marketing method.

Add a reviews section or testimonial area to website or social media
You can add reviews and  to your website with tools like Yotpo – Lite Version(Free), which allows you ask for reviews via e-mail, send automated review request after the purchasing of products and create your own customizable review widget.

Add Social Media Sharing To Your Website with tools like AddThis
If someone see something they like on your website they can simply click on a sharing button (Facebook, Twitter, etc.. ) and pass that page on to their friends or colleagues on social media.  You can also keep track of where they are sharing your pages to and how many times it was shared.

Set up a Rewards Program
If a client refers people to your business you can give them a certain percentage off their next purchase or they earn a reward like a gift card.  You can do this on your own for free but when you want to step things up you can use tools like Ambassador  or Talkable.